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Owner/User clients have specific purchasing requirements. The Atlanta Commercial Group recognizes this and provides excellent consulting services to define and meet the client’s requirements. This is accomplished through an in-depth interview with the client to understand their specific business requirements and long term goals.  The Atlanta Commercial Group then prepares a plan of action to locate and evaluate potential properties that most closely meet the client’s requirements.The plan includes:

  1. Geographic requirements
  2. Physical requirements
  3. Zoning requirements
  4. Specific business requirements
  5. Client and employee needs
  6. Specific demographics
  7. Traffic count
  8. Means and sources of financing
  9. Expansion requirements over time
  10. Other client specific needs

The Atlanta Commercial Group will execute this plan and once the property is found will negotiate the contract, guide our client through the due-diligence process and bring the deal to the closing table.  The goal of the Atlanta Commercial Group is to make the process as efficient as possible for the client.

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